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Italy - Serie B

The serie B is the second highest division of the Italian football system, just below the world famous Serie A. The Serie B has 22 teams since the 2004 2005 season. Before that year it had 24 teams due to legal problems with Calcio Catania. Since this 2004 2005 season the Serie A took the 2 empty slots and therefore the Serie A has 20 teams in competition as of 2012. Each team plays 42 matches during a regular season, twice against each other club in the Serie B. This is done in exactly the same order, so the time between both clubs facing eachother again is the same for all teams and all matches.

The champion of the Serie B receives the Ali della Vittoria (wings of victory), which represents the goddess of victory Nike. Most of the matches from the Serie B are played on Saturday. For the 2012 2013 season one is played on Friday and one is played on Monday. Matches from the serie b are played on a Sunday only if the Serie A doesn't play on that day.

At the end of the season three teams will be promoted to the highest tier, the Serie A, whereas four teams will be relegated to the Lega Pro Prima Divisione. Two of the three places that qualify for promotion are filled up by the champion of the Serie B and the runner-up. The third slot goes to a team that qualifies through a play off, in which the numbers 3 through 6 take part in. In the bottom of the Serie B, the three teams that end up last are relegated immediately. The fourth team is the loser between a two legged match of the 18th and 19th finished club.

As for 2011 2012 season Pescara won promotion by becoming champion, whereas Torino also was promoted as the runner up. The third promotion was for Sampdoria who won the play offs. The recordholder of Serie B championships is Genoa with six wins, closely followed by Atalanta who won the Ali della Vittoria for the fifth time in 2011. Longest habitant of the Serie B is Brescia who have played in the Serie B during 55 seasons. Relegated to the Lega Pro Prima Divisione were Nocerina, Gubbio and AlbinoLeffe. Empoli and Vicenza were in the danger zone, but managed to stay out of the Lega Pro Prima Divisione. Ciro Immobile, playing for Pescara, was top scorer with 28 goals during the 2011 2012 season.

Results Serie B 2013-2014

Round 17HomeAwayResults
Fri 06 DecCesenaPadova0-1
Sat 07 DecCrotoneEmpoli1-1
Sat 07 DecCittadellaTrapani2-2
Sat 07 DecBresciaReggina2-1
Sat 07 DecSienaPescara1-3
Sat 07 DecCarpiVarese1-0
Sat 07 DecTernanaLatina1-0
Sat 07 DecNovaraModena1-0
Sat 07 DecLancianoPalermo1-1
Sat 07 DecJuve StabiaBari1-1
Round 16HomeAwayResults
Fri 29 NovEmpoliBrescia2-2
Sat 30 NovVareseCittadella2-1
Sat 30 NovModenaSiena1-1
Sat 30 NovLatinaJuve Stabia1-0
Sat 30 NovPalermoNovara2-1
Sat 30 NovAvellinoCesena0-0
Sat 30 NovPescaraCarpi4-2
Sat 30 NovRegginaSpezia1-2
Sat 30 NovTrapaniLanciano1-0
Sat 30 NovPadovaCrotone0-0
Mon 02 DecBariTernana2-1
Round 15HomeAwayResults
Fri 22 NovNovaraPescara0-0
Sat 23 NovBresciaCesena0-0
Sat 23 NovSpeziaEmpoli1-3
Sat 23 NovBariPadova2-2
Sat 23 NovTernanaModena1-1
Sat 23 NovCittadellaReggina0-0
Sat 23 NovLancianoVarese2-0
Sat 23 NovCrotoneAvellino3-2
Sat 23 NovJuve StabiaTrapani2-3
Sat 23 NovCarpiSiena0-0
Sun 24 NovPalermoLatina1-2
Round 14HomeAwayResults
Sat 16 NovPadovaBrescia0-0
Sat 16 NovRegginaPalermo0-2
Sun 17 NovModenaCarpi2-3
Sun 17 NovPescaraTernana2-1
Sun 17 NovLatinaBari1-0
Sun 17 NovEmpoliLanciano3-0
Sun 17 NovSienaSpezia2-0
Sun 17 NovCesenaCittadella2-2
Sun 17 NovTrapaniNovara2-1
Sun 17 NovVareseCrotone2-0
Sun 17 NovAvellinoJuve Stabia2-1
Round 13HomeAwayResults
Fri 08 NovSpeziaCesena2-1
Sat 09 NovLancianoSiena1-1
Sat 09 NovJuve StabiaModena1-1
Sat 09 NovNovaraLatina2-2
Sat 09 NovPalermoTrapani3-0
Sat 09 NovCarpiCrotone1-2
Sat 09 NovRegginaPadova2-1
Sat 09 NovBresciaAvellino0-2
Sat 09 NovBariVarese2-1
Sat 09 NovCittadellaPescara0-1
Mon 11 NovTernanaEmpoli1-0
Round 12HomeAwayResults
Fri 01 NovVareseJuve Stabia2-2
Fri 01 NovLatinaReggina1-0
Fri 01 NovPadovaSpezia