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Holland - Eredivisie

The Dutch Eredivisie consists of eighteen professional football clubs that play against each other twice a year. Although the Netherlands is a fairly small country, the Eredivisie is rated in the UEFA top 10 of European competitions. Formerly championships were won by either Ajax, PSV or to a lesser extent Feyenoord. However FC Twente and AZ have won the national Championship in the past five years once. FC Twente almost managed to win it for a second time, but on the last day of the 2010 – 2011 season Ajax surpassed Twente when they won from them in a direct confrontation in the Amsterdam ArenA.

The Eredivisie was founded in 1956 and ever since Ajax has won it 23 times, followed by PSV with 18 and Feyenoord with 9. During the 70’s Ajax and Feyenoord had huge success in the Champions League (then Europacup 1). However the last dutch Champions League dates back to 1995 when Ajax won from AC Milan. Since then the performances in the Champions League have been declining probably due to a lack of money. Matches from the Eredivisie are traditionally played on Sunday, but some are played on Friday evening or on Saturday.

Whereas most European competitions have a winner or almost a winner, the Dutch eredivisie is still completely open. Either Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord or Vitesse may become Dutch champion 2012 2013. Currently Ajax is first but they still have to play PSV. Were Ajax to lose, then they will be leveled with both PSV and Vitesse. If they win, they may very well be the champion of the Netherlands.

Both Vitesse and Feyenoord are doing remarkably well this season, whereas FC Twente is doing poorly resulting in the exit of star trainer McClaren. If neither Ajax nor PSV will become champion, thus Feyenoord or Vitesse, it will be a huge upset, because Feyenoord has been suffering financially and Vitesse has never been champion before. First we have to see who wins the classic between Ajax and PSV. It will be the key match of this year's Eredivisie.

Willem II who were promoted last year, are last in the Eredivisie and have to bridge a gap of 5 points before avoiding direct relegation to the Jupiler League. Other candidates for relegation are VVV Venlo and Roda JC Kerkrade. Former dutch Champion AZ are not safe either yet. The final matches that decide who's going to be champion and who has to leave the Eredivisie will be on live stream.

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Results Eredivisie 2013-2014

Round 33HomeAwayResults
Sun 27 AprHeerenveenUtrecht2-4
Round 21HomeAwayResults
Sat 01 FebAZ AlkmaarGroningen0-1
Round 16HomeAwayResults
Fri 06 DecFC UtrechtNEC Nijmegen2-0
Sat 07 DecAjaxNAC Breda4-0
Sat 07 DecAZ AlkmaarFC Twente Enschede1-2
Sat 07 DecRKC WaalwijkSC Cambuur2-2
Sat 07 DecPSV EindhovenVitesse2-6
Sun 08 DecSC HeerenveenFeyenoord1-2
Sun 08 DecGo Ahead EaglesPEC Zwolle4-1
Sun 08 DecFC GroningenADO Den Haag1-2
Sun 08 DecRoda JCSC Heracles Almelo1-3
Round 15HomeAwayResults
Fri 29 NovRoda JCFC Twente Enschede1-2
Sat 30 NovPEC ZwolleRKC Waalwijk1-1
Sat 30 NovSC HeerenveenGo Ahead Eagles3-1
Sat 30 NovNAC BredaFC Groningen2-2
Sat 30 NovSC Heracles AlmeloFC Utrecht1-2
Sun 01 DecADO Den HaagAjax0-4
Sun 01 DecFeyenoordPSV Eindhoven3-1
Sun 01 DecVitesseSC Cambuur3-0
Sun 01 DecNEC NijmegenAZ Alkmaar3-2
Round 14HomeAwayResults
Sat 23 NovPSV EindhovenSC Heerenveen1-1
Sat 23 NovAZ AlkmaarRoda JC2-2
Sat 23 NovSC CambuurNEC Nijmegen2-1
Sat 23 NovAjaxSC Heracles Almelo3-0
Sun 24 NovFC UtrechtADO Den Haag3-0
Sun 24 NovRKC WaalwijkFeyenoord1-0
Sun 24 NovGo Ahead EaglesVitesse0-3
Sun 24 NovFC GroningenPEC Zwolle0-0
Sun 24 NovFC Twente EnschedeNAC Breda5-2
Round 13HomeAwayResults
Fri 08 NovHeerenveenWaalwijk0-2
Fri 08 NovSC HeerenveenRKC Waalwijk5-2
Sat 09 NovRoda JCGo Ahead Eagles1-4
Sat 09 NovVitesseFC Utrecht3-1
Sat 09 NovSC Heracles AlmeloFC Groningen0-3
Sat 09 NovADO Den HaagSC Cambuur3-0
Sun 10 NovPEC ZwolleFC Twente Enschede1-1
Sun 10 NovNAC BredaPSV Eindhoven2-1
Sun 10 NovNEC NijmegenAjax0-3
Sun 10 NovFeyenoordAZ Alkmaar2-2
Round 12HomeAwayResults
Fri 01 NovWaalwijkNAC Breda3-0
Sat 02 NovAjaxVitesse0-1
Sat 02 NovTwenteNijmegen2-2
Sat 02 NovAZ AlkmaarDen Haag2-0
Sat 02 NovPSV EindhovenFC Zwolle1-1
Sun 03 NovGroningenRoda3-3
Sun 03 NovCambuurFeyenoord0-2
Sun 03 NovUtrechtHeerenveen2-0
Wed 04 DecGo Ahead EaglesHeracles1-1
Round 11HomeAwayResults
Fri 25 OctNijmegenHeerenveen2-1
Sat 26 OctDen HaagTwente0-0
Sat 26 OctADO Den HaagFC Koln3-2
Sat 26 OctCambuurUtrecht3-1
Sat 26 OctNAC BredaGo Ahead Eagles5-0
Sat 26 OctAjaxWaalwijk0-0
Sun 27 OctRodaPSV Eindhoven2-1
Sun 27 OctFC ZwolleAZ Alkmaar0-2
Sun 27 OctFeyenoordHeracles1-2
Sun 27 OctVitesseGroningen2-2
Round 10HomeAwayResults
Sat 19 OctGo Ahead EaglesFeyenoord2-2
Sat 19 OctWaalwijkRoda1-2
Sat 19 OctUtrechtNAC Breda4-2
Sat 19 OctTwenteAjax0-0
Sat 19 OctHeerenveenVitesse2-3
Sun 20 OctHeraclesNijmegen1-1
Sun 20 OctGroningenPSV Eindhoven1-0
Sun 20 OctFC ZwolleDen Haag6-1
Sun 20 OctAZ AlkmaarCambuur3-1
Round 9HomeAwayResults
Fri 04 OctCambuurTwente0-1
Sat 05 OctGo Ahead EaglesNijmegen4-3
Sat 05 OctRodaFC Zwolle0-0
Sat 05 OctNAC BredaHeracles2-1
Sun 06 OctAjaxUtrecht3-0
Sun 06 OctGroningenAZ Alkmaar2-1
Sun 06 OctVitesseFeyenoord1-2
Sun 06 OctPSV EindhovenWaalwijk2-1
Wed 04 DecADO Den HaagSC Heerenveen1-1
Wed 04 DecDen HaagHeerenveenPostponed
Round 8HomeAwayResults
Sat 28 SepAZ AlkmaarPSV Eindhoven2-1
Sat 28 SepWaalwijkHeracles1-4
Sat 28 SepUtrechtRoda3-3
Sat 28 SepFC ZwolleNAC Breda0-0
Sat 28 SepAjaxGo Ahead Eagles6-0
Sun 29 SepNijmegenVitesse2-3
Sun 29 SepFeyenoordDen Haag4-2
Sun 29 SepHeerenveenCambuur2-1
Sun 29 SepTwenteGroningen5-0
Round 7HomeAwayResults
Fri 20 SepGo Ahead EaglesCambuur0-0
Sat 21 SepHeraclesTwente0-3
Sat 21 SepDen HaagNijmegen1-1
Sat 21 SepGroningenWaalwijk4-1
Sat 21 SepRodaHeerenveen3-3
Sun 22 SepVitesseFC Zwolle3-0
Sun 22 SepFeyenoordUtrecht1-0
Sun 22 SepNAC BredaAZ Alkmaar3-0
Sun 22 SepPSV EindhovenAjax4-0
Round 6HomeAwayResults
Sat 14 SepAjaxFC Zwolle2-1
Sat 14 SepCambuurHeracles2-0
Sat 14 SepTwentePSV Eindhoven2-2
Sun 15 SepNijmegenFeyenoord3-3
Sun 15 SepHeerenveenGroningen4-2
Sun 15 SepAZ AlkmaarGo Ahead Eagles3-0
Sun 15 SepRodaNAC Breda1-5
Sun 15 SepUtrechtWaalwijk2-1
Wed 02 OctDen HaagVitesse2-1
Round 5HomeAwayResults
Fri 30 AugNAC BredaNijmegen1-1
Sat 31 AugTwenteHeerenveen1-1
Sat 31 AugHeraclesDen Haag1-0
Sat 31 AugWaalwijkGo Ahead Eagles1-4
Sat 31 AugPSV EindhovenCambuur0-0
Sun 01 SepGroningenAjax1-1
Sun 01 SepFC ZwolleUtrecht1-1
Sun 01 SepAZ AlkmaarVitesse1-1
Sun 01 SepFeyenoordRoda4-0
Round 4HomeAwayResults
Fri 23 AugHeerenveenAjax2-2
Fri 23 AugHeerenveenAjax3-3
Sat 24 AugNijmegenWaalwijk2-2
Sat 24 AugDen HaagRoda0-4
Sat 24 AugHeraclesPSV Eindhoven1-1
Sat 24 AugFC ZwolleCambuur2-0
Sun 25 AugGo Ahead EaglesGroningen3-3
Sun 25 AugFeyenoordNAC Breda3-1
Sun 25 AugVitesseTwente1-0
Sun 25 AugUtrechtAZ Alkmaar2-0
Round 3HomeAwayResults
Sat 17 AugPSV EindhovenGo Ahead Eagles3-0
Sat 17 AugCambuurGroningen4-1
Sat 17 AugWaalwijkAZ Alkmaar1-2
Sat 17 AugRodaVitesse1-1
Sat 17 AugNijmegenFC Zwolle1-5
Sun 18 AugAjaxFeyenoord2-1
Sun 18 AugHeerenveenHeracles2-4
Sun 18 AugNAC BredaDen Haag1-2
Sun 18 AugTwenteUtrecht6-0
Round 2HomeAwayResults
Fri 09 AugRodaCambuur2-0
Sat 10 AugHeraclesFC Zwolle1-3
Sat 10 AugGo Ahead EaglesDen Haag2-1
Sat 10 AugNAC BredaHeerenveen0-2
Sat 10 AugPSV EindhovenNijmegen5-0
Sun 11 AugFeyenoordTwente1-4
Sun 11 AugAZ AlkmaarAjax3-2
Sun 11 AugGroningenUtrecht2-0
Sun 11 AugWaalwijkVitesse4-2
Round 1HomeAwayResults
Fri 02 AugAjaxRoda3-0
Sat 03 AugDen HaagPSV Eindhoven2-3
Sat 03 AugTwenteWaalwijk0-0
Sat 03 AugNijmegenGroningen1-4
Sat 03 AugHeerenveenAZ Alkmaar4-2
Sun 04 AugCambuurNAC Breda0-0
Sun 04 AugVitesseHeracles3-1
Sun 04 AugUtrechtGo Ahead Eagles1-1
Sun 04 AugFC ZwolleFeyenoord2-1

Eredivisie 2013-2014


Standings Eredivisie 2013-2014

3FC Twente Enschede1630862(37-16)
5FC Groningen1624664(31-29)
6AZ Alkmaar1624736(28-26)
7FC Utrecht1624736(24-27)
8SC Heerenveen1623655(35-30)
9PEC Zwolle1622574(24-19)
10PSV Eindhoven1620556(28-24)
11Go Ahead Eagles1620556(26-37)
12NAC Breda1619547(26-29)
13Roda JC1618466(26-35)
14SC Heracles Almelo1618538(21-29)
15ADO Den Haag1617529(20-36)
16SC Cambuur1616448(15-23)
17RKC Waalwijk1614358(22-32)
18NEC Nijmegen1612268(23-41)
19FC Koln10001(2-3)
Next matches Eredivisie
Sat 02 Nov19:45FC KolnNEC Nijmegen
Fri 08 Nov20:00HeerenveenWaalwijk
Sat 09 Nov18:45RodaGo Ahead Eagles
Sat 09 Nov19:45HeraclesGroningen
Sat 09 Nov19:45VitesseUtrecht
Sat 09 Nov20:45Den HaagCambuur
Sun 10 Nov12:30FC ZwolleTwente
Sun 10 Nov12:30PEC ZwolleFC Koln
Sun 10 Nov14:30NAC BredaPSV Eindhoven
Sun 10 Nov14:30NijmegenAjax
Sun 10 Nov16:30FeyenoordAZ Alkmaar
Sat 23 Nov18:45PSV EindhovenHeerenveen
Sat 23 Nov19:45AZ AlkmaarRoda
Sat 23 Nov19:45CambuurNijmegen
Sat 23 Nov20:45AjaxHeracles
Sun 24 Nov12:30UtrechtDen Haag
Sun 24 Nov12:30WaalwijkFeyenoord
Sun 24 Nov14:30GroningenFC Zwolle
Sun 24 Nov14:30Go Ahead EaglesVitesse
Sun 24 Nov16:30TwenteNAC Breda
Sun 24 Nov16:30FC KolnNAC Breda
Fri 29 Nov20:00RodaTwente
Fri 29 Nov20:00Roda JCFC Koln
Sat 30 Nov18:45FC ZwolleWaalwijk
Sat 30 Nov19:45HeerenveenGo Ahead Eagles
Sat 30 Nov19:45NAC BredaGroningen
Sat 30 Nov20:45HeraclesUtrecht
Sun 01 Dec12:30Den HaagAjax
Sun 01 Dec14:30VitesseCambuur
Sun 01 Dec14:30FeyenoordPSV Eindhoven
Sun 01 Dec16:30NijmegenAZ Alkmaar
Fri 06 Dec20:00UtrechtNijmegen
Sat 07 Dec18:45AjaxNAC Breda
Sat 07 Dec19:45AZ AlkmaarTwente
Sat 07 Dec19:45WaalwijkCambuur
Sat 07 Dec19:45AZ AlkmaarFC Koln
Sat 07 Dec20:45PSV EindhovenVitesse
Sun 08 Dec12:30HeerenveenFeyenoord
Sun 08 Dec14:30Go Ahead EaglesFC Zwolle
Sun 08 Dec14:30GroningenDen Haag
Sun 08 Dec16:30RodaHeracles
Fri 13 Dec20:00FC ZwolleHeerenveen
Fri 13 Dec20:00PEC ZwolleSC Heerenveen
Sat 14 Dec18:45NijmegenRoda
Sat 14 Dec18:45NEC NijmegenRoda JC
Sat 14 Dec19:45Den HaagWaalwijk
Sat 14 Dec19:45ADO Den HaagRKC Waalwijk
Sat 14 Dec20:45TwenteGo Ahead Eagles
Sat 14 Dec20:45FC KolnGo Ahead Eagles
Sat 14 Dec20:45FC Twente EnschedeGo Ahead Eagles
Sun 15 Dec12:30CambuurAjax
Sun 15 Dec12:30SC CambuurAjax
Sun 15 Dec14:30VitesseNAC Breda
Sun 15 Dec14:30FeyenoordGroningen
Sun 15 Dec14:30HeraclesAZ Alkmaar
Sun 15 Dec14:30FeyenoordFC Groningen
Sun 15 Dec14:30SC Heracles AlmeloAZ Alkmaar
Sun 15 Dec14:30VitesseNAC Breda
Sun 15 Dec16:30UtrechtPSV Eindhoven
Sun 15 Dec16:30FC UtrechtPSV Eindhoven
Fri 20 Dec20:00WaalwijkTwente
Fri 20 Dec20:00RKC WaalwijkFC Koln
Fri 20 Dec20:00RKC WaalwijkFC Twente Enschede
Sat 21 Dec18:45AZ AlkmaarHeerenveen
Sat 21 Dec18:45AZ AlkmaarSC Heerenveen
Sat 21 Dec19:45NAC BredaCambuur
Sat 21 Dec19:45HeraclesVitesse
Sat 21 Dec19:45SC Heracles AlmeloVitesse
Sat 21 Dec19:45NAC BredaSC Cambuur
Sat 21 Dec20:45FeyenoordFC Zwolle
Sat 21 Dec20:45FeyenoordPEC Zwolle
Sun 22 Dec12:30RodaAjax
Sun 22 Dec12:30Roda JCAjax
Sun 22 Dec14:30GroningenNijmegen
Sun 22 Dec14:30Go Ahead EaglesUtrecht
Sun 22 Dec14:30FC GroningenNEC Nijmegen
Sun 22 Dec14:30Go Ahead EaglesFC Utrecht
Sun 22 Dec16:30PSV EindhovenDen Haag
Sun 22 Dec16:30PSV EindhovenADO Den Haag
Fri 17 Jan20:00TwenteHeracles
Fri 17 Jan20:00FC KolnSC Heracles Almelo
Fri 17 Jan20:00FC Twente EnschedeSC Heracles Almelo
Sat 18 Jan18:45AZ AlkmaarNAC Breda
Sat 18 Jan18:45AZ AlkmaarNAC Breda
Sat 18 Jan19:45WaalwijkGroningen
Sat 18 Jan19:45FC ZwolleVitesse
Sat 18 Jan19:45PEC ZwolleVitesse
Sat 18 Jan19:45RKC WaalwijkFC Groningen
Sat 18 Jan20:45HeerenveenRoda
Sat 18 Jan20:45SC HeerenveenRoda JC
Sun 19 Jan12:30NijmegenDen Haag
Sun 19 Jan12:30NEC NijmegenADO Den Haag
Sun 19 Jan14:30CambuurGo Ahead Eagles
Sun 19 Jan14:30UtrechtFeyenoord
Sun 19 Jan14:30FC UtrechtFeyenoord
Sun 19 Jan14:30SC CambuurGo Ahead Eagles
Sun 19 Jan16:30AjaxPSV Eindhoven
Sun 19 Jan16:30AjaxPSV Eindhoven
Fri 24 Jan20:00HeraclesWaalwijk
Fri 24 Jan20:00SC Heracles AlmeloRKC Waalwijk
Sat 25 Jan18:45Den HaagFeyenoord
Sat 25 Jan18:45ADO Den HaagFeyenoord
Sat 25 Jan19:45NAC BredaFC Zwolle
Sat 25 Jan19:45RodaUtrecht
Sat 25 Jan19:45NAC BredaPEC Zwolle
Sat 25 Jan19:45Roda JCFC Utrecht
Sat 25 Jan20:45PSV EindhovenAZ Alkmaar
Sat 25 Jan20:45PSV EindhovenAZ Alkmaar
Sun 26 Jan12:30VitesseNijmegen
Sun 26 Jan12:30CambuurHeerenveen
Sun 26 Jan12:30SC CambuurSC Heerenveen
Sun 26 Jan12:30VitesseNEC Nijmegen
Sun 26 Jan14:30GroningenTwente
Sun 26 Jan14:30Go Ahead EaglesAjax
Sun 26 Jan14:30FC GroningenFC Koln
Sun 26 Jan14:30Go Ahead EaglesAjax
Sun 26 Jan14:30FC GroningenFC Twente Enschede
Fri 31 Jan20:00FeyenoordVitesse
Fri 31 Jan20:00FeyenoordVitesse
Sat 01 Feb18:45HeerenveenDen Haag
Sat 01 Feb18:45SC HeerenveenADO Den Haag
Sat 01 Feb19:45HeraclesNAC Breda
Sat 01 Feb19:45FC ZwolleRoda
Sat 01 Feb19:45SC Heracles AlmeloNAC Breda
Sat 01 Feb19:45PEC ZwolleRoda JC
Sat 01 Feb20:45AZ AlkmaarGroningen
Sat 01 Feb20:45AZ AlkmaarFC Groningen
Sun 02 Feb12:30UtrechtAjax
Sun 02 Feb12:30FC UtrechtAjax
Sun 02 Feb14:30NijmegenGo Ahead Eagles
Sun 02 Feb14:30TwenteCambuur
Sun 02 Feb14:30FC KolnSC Cambuur
Sun 02 Feb14:30NEC NijmegenGo Ahead Eagles
Sun 02 Feb14:30FC Twente EnschedeSC Cambuur
Sun 02 Feb16:30WaalwijkPSV Eindhoven
Sun 02 Feb16:30RKC WaalwijkPSV Eindhoven
Tue 04 Feb18:45RodaFeyenoord
Tue 04 Feb18:45Roda JCFeyenoord
Tue 04 Feb19:45Den HaagHeracles
Tue 04 Feb19:45ADO Den HaagSC Heracles Almelo
Tue 04 Feb20:45VitesseAZ Alkmaar
Tue 04 Feb20:45VitesseAZ Alkmaar
Wed 05 Feb18:45CambuurPSV Eindhoven
Wed 05 Feb18:45SC CambuurPSV Eindhoven
Wed 05 Feb19:45Go Ahead EaglesWaalwijk
Wed 05 Feb19:45NijmegenNAC Breda
Wed 05 Feb19:45NEC NijmegenNAC Breda
Wed 05 Feb19:45Go Ahead EaglesRKC Waalwijk
Wed 05 Feb20:45HeerenveenTwente
Wed 05 Feb20:45SC HeerenveenFC Koln
Wed 05 Feb20:45SC HeerenveenFC Twente Enschede
Thu 06 Feb18:45UtrechtFC Zwolle
Thu 06 Feb18:45FC UtrechtPEC Zwolle
Thu 06 Feb20:45AjaxGroningen
Thu 06 Feb20:45AjaxFC Groningen
Fri 07 Feb20:00VitesseDen Haag
Fri 07 Feb20:00VitesseADO Den Haag
Sat 08 Feb18:45PSV EindhovenTwente
Sat 08 Feb18:45PSV EindhovenFC Koln
Sat 08 Feb18:45PSV EindhovenFC Twente Enschede
Sat 08 Feb19:45Go Ahead EaglesAZ Alkmaar
Sat 08 Feb19:45NAC BredaRoda
Sat 08 Feb19:45NAC BredaRoda JC
Sat 08 Feb19:45Go Ahead EaglesAZ Alkmaar
Sat 08 Feb20:45FeyenoordNijmegen
Sat 08 Feb20:45FeyenoordNEC Nijmegen
Sun 09 Feb12:30HeraclesCambuur
Sun 09 Feb12:30SC Heracles AlmeloSC Cambuur
Sun 09 Feb14:30FC ZwolleAjax
Sun 09 Feb14:30WaalwijkUtrecht
Sun 09 Feb14:30PEC ZwolleAjax
Sun 09 Feb14:30RKC WaalwijkFC Utrecht
Sun 09 Feb16:30GroningenHeerenveen
Sun 09 Feb16:30FC GroningenSC Heerenveen
Fri 14 Feb20:00PSV EindhovenHeracles
Fri 14 Feb20:00PSV EindhovenSC Heracles Almelo
Sat 15 Feb18:45TwenteVitesse
Sat 15 Feb18:45FC KolnVitesse
Sat 15 Feb18:45FC Twente EnschedeVitesse
Sat 15 Feb19:45WaalwijkNijmegen
Sat 15 Feb19:45RodaDen Haag
Sat 15 Feb19:45Roda JCADO Den Haag
Sat 15 Feb19:45RKC WaalwijkNEC Nijmegen
Sat 15 Feb20:45AZ AlkmaarUtrecht
Sat 15 Feb20:45AZ AlkmaarFC Utrecht
Sun 16 Feb12:30CambuurFC Zwolle
Sun 16 Feb12:30SC CambuurPEC Zwolle
Sun 16 Feb14:30GroningenGo Ahead Eagles
Sun 16 Feb14:30NAC BredaFeyenoord
Sun 16 Feb14:30FC GroningenGo Ahead Eagles
Sun 16 Feb14:30NAC BredaFeyenoord
Sun 16 Feb16:30AjaxHeerenveen
Sun 16 Feb16:30AjaxSC Heerenveen
Fri 21 Feb20:00Den HaagGo Ahead Eagles
Fri 21 Feb20:00ADO Den HaagGo Ahead Eagles
Sat 22 Feb18:45HeerenveenNAC Breda
Sat 22 Feb18:45SC HeerenveenNAC Breda
Sat 22 Feb19:45FC ZwolleHeracles
Sat 22 Feb19:45CambuurRoda
Sat 22 Feb19:45PEC ZwolleSC Heracles Almelo
Sat 22 Feb19:45SC CambuurRoda JC
Sat 22 Feb20:45NijmegenPSV Eindhoven
Sat 22 Feb20:45NEC NijmegenPSV Eindhoven
Sun 23 Feb12:30UtrechtGroningen
Sun 23 Feb12:30FC UtrechtFC Groningen
Sun 23 Feb14:30VitesseWaalwijk
Sun 23 Feb14:30AjaxAZ Alkmaar
Sun 23 Feb14:30AjaxAZ Alkmaar
Sun 23 Feb14:30VitesseRKC Waalwijk
Sun 23 Feb16:30TwenteFeyenoord
Sun 23 Feb16:30FC KolnFeyenoord
Sun 23 Feb16:30FC Twente EnschedeFeyenoord
Fri 28 Feb20:00HeraclesHeerenveen
Fri 28 Feb20:00SC Heracles AlmeloSC Heerenveen
Sat 01 Mar18:45FC ZwolleNijmegen
Sat 01 Mar18:45PEC ZwolleNEC Nijmegen
Sat 01 Mar19:45Den HaagNAC Breda
Sat 01 Mar19:45AZ AlkmaarWaalwijk
Sat 01 Mar19:45ADO Den HaagNAC Breda
Sat 01 Mar19:45AZ AlkmaarRKC Waalwijk
Sat 01 Mar20:45VitesseRoda
Sat 01 Mar20:45VitesseRoda JC
Sun 02 Mar12:30UtrechtTwente
Sun 02 Mar12:30FC UtrechtFC Koln
Sun 02 Mar12:30FC UtrechtFC Twente Enschede
Sun 02 Mar14:30GroningenCambuur
Sun 02 Mar14:30FeyenoordAjax
Sun 02 Mar14:30FeyenoordAjax
Sun 02 Mar14:30FC GroningenSC Cambuur
Sun 02 Mar16:30Go Ahead EaglesPSV Eindhoven
Sun 02 Mar16:30Go Ahead EaglesPSV Eindhoven
Sat 08 Mar18:45AZ AlkmaarHeracles
Sat 08 Mar18:45AZ AlkmaarSC Heracles Almelo
Sat 08 Mar19:45RodaNijmegen
Sat 08 Mar19:45HeerenveenFC Zwolle
Sat 08 Mar19:45NAC BredaVitesse
Sat 08 Mar19:45NAC BredaVitesse
Sat 08 Mar19:45Roda JCNEC Nijmegen
Sat 08 Mar19:45SC HeerenveenPEC Zwolle
Sat 08 Mar20:45PSV EindhovenUtrecht
Sat 08 Mar20:45PSV EindhovenFC Utrecht
Sun 09 Mar12:30WaalwijkDen Haag
Sun 09 Mar12:30RKC WaalwijkADO Den Haag
Sun 09 Mar14:30Go Ahead EaglesTwente
Sun 09 Mar14:30GroningenFeyenoord
Sun 09 Mar14:30Go Ahead EaglesFC Koln
Sun 09 Mar14:30Go Ahead EaglesFC Twente Enschede
Sun 09 Mar14:30FC GroningenFeyenoord
Sun 09 Mar16:30AjaxCambuur
Sun 09 Mar16:30AjaxSC Cambuur
Fri 14 Mar20:00CambuurWaalwijk
Fri 14 Mar20:00SC CambuurRKC Waalwijk
Sat 15 Mar18:45VitessePSV Eindhoven
Sat 15 Mar18:45VitessePSV Eindhoven
Sat 15 Mar19:45Den HaagGroningen
Sat 15 Mar19:45HeraclesRoda
Sat 15 Mar19:45ADO Den HaagFC Groningen
Sat 15 Mar19:45SC Heracles AlmeloRoda JC
Sat 15 Mar20:45NAC BredaAjax
Sat 15 Mar20:45NAC BredaAjax
Sun 16 Mar12:30TwenteAZ Alkmaar
Sun 16 Mar12:30FC KolnAZ Alkmaar
Sun 16 Mar12:30FC Twente EnschedeAZ Alkmaar
Sun 16 Mar14:30FC ZwolleGo Ahead Eagles
Sun 16 Mar14:30NijmegenUtrecht
Sun 16 Mar14:30NEC NijmegenFC Utrecht
Sun 16 Mar14:30PEC ZwolleGo Ahead Eagles
Sun 16 Mar16:30FeyenoordHeerenveen
Sun 16 Mar16:30FeyenoordSC Heerenveen
Fri 21 Mar20:00AZ AlkmaarFC Zwolle
Fri 21 Mar20:00AZ AlkmaarPEC Zwolle
Sat 22 Mar18:45WaalwijkAjax
Sat 22 Mar18:45RKC WaalwijkAjax
Sat 22 Mar19:45HeerenveenNijmegen
Sat 22 Mar19:45PSV EindhovenRoda
Sat 22 Mar19:45SC HeerenveenNEC Nijmegen
Sat 22 Mar19:45PSV EindhovenRoda JC
Sat 22 Mar20:45TwenteDen Haag
Sat 22 Mar20:45FC KolnADO Den Haag
Sat 22 Mar20:45FC Twente EnschedeADO Den Haag
Sun 23 Mar12:30Go Ahead EaglesNAC Breda
Sun 23 Mar12:30Go Ahead EaglesNAC Breda
Sun 23 Mar14:30GroningenVitesse
Sun 23 Mar14:30UtrechtCambuur
Sun 23 Mar14:30FC GroningenVitesse
Sun 23 Mar14:30FC UtrechtSC Cambuur
Sun 23 Mar16:30HeraclesFeyenoord
Sun 23 Mar16:30SC Heracles AlmeloFeyenoord
Fri 28 Mar20:00NAC BredaUtrecht
Fri 28 Mar20:00NAC BredaFC Utrecht
Sat 29 Mar18:45VitesseHeerenveen
Sat 29 Mar18:45VitesseSC Heerenveen
Sat 29 Mar19:45CambuurAZ Alkmaar
Sat 29 Mar19:45NijmegenHeracles
Sat 29 Mar19:45SC CambuurAZ Alkmaar
Sat 29 Mar19:45NEC NijmegenSC Heracles Almelo
Sat 29 Mar20:45PSV EindhovenGroningen
Sat 29 Mar20:45PSV EindhovenFC Groningen
Sun 30 Mar12:30FeyenoordGo Ahead Eagles
Sun 30 Mar12:30FeyenoordGo Ahead Eagles
Sun 30 Mar14:30RodaWaalwijk
Sun 30 Mar14:30AjaxTwente
Sun 30 Mar14:30AjaxFC Koln
Sun 30 Mar14:30Roda JCRKC Waalwijk
Sun 30 Mar14:30AjaxFC Twente Enschede
Sun 30 Mar16:30Den HaagFC Zwolle
Sun 30 Mar16:30ADO Den HaagPEC Zwolle
Fri 04 Apr20:00FC ZwolleGroningen
Fri 04 Apr20:00PEC ZwolleFC Groningen
Sat 05 Apr18:45HeerenveenPSV Eindhoven
Sat 05 Apr18:45SC HeerenveenPSV Eindhoven
Sat 05 Apr19:45NAC BredaTwente
Sat 05 Apr19:45NijmegenCambuur
Sat 05 Apr19:45NAC BredaFC Koln
Sat 05 Apr19:45NAC BredaFC Twente Enschede
Sat 05 Apr19:45NEC NijmegenSC Cambuur
Sun 06 Apr12:30Den HaagUtrecht
Sun 06 Apr12:30ADO Den HaagFC Utrecht
Sun 06 Apr14:30FeyenoordWaalwijk
Sun 06 Apr14:30FeyenoordRKC Waalwijk
Sun 06 Apr16:30RodaAZ Alkmaar
Sun 06 Apr16:30Roda JCAZ Alkmaar
Sun 27 Apr14:30VitesseGo Ahead Eagles
Sun 27 Apr14:30HeraclesAjax
Sun 27 Apr14:30VitesseGo Ahead Eagles
Sun 27 Apr14:30SC Heracles AlmeloAjax
Fri 11 Apr20:00GroningenNAC Breda
Fri 11 Apr20:00FC GroningenNAC Breda
Sat 12 Apr18:45Go Ahead EaglesHeerenveen
Sat 12 Apr18:45Go Ahead EaglesSC Heerenveen
Sat 12 Apr19:45AZ AlkmaarNijmegen
Sat 12 Apr19:45CambuurVitesse
Sat 12 Apr19:45AZ AlkmaarNEC Nijmegen
Sat 12 Apr19:45SC CambuurVitesse
Sat 12 Apr20:45TwenteRoda
Sat 12 Apr20:45FC KolnRoda JC
Sat 12 Apr20:45FC Twente EnschedeRoda JC
Sun 13 Apr12:30AjaxDen Haag
Sun 13 Apr12:30AjaxADO Den Haag
Sun 13 Apr14:30UtrechtHeracles
Sun 13 Apr14:30WaalwijkFC Zwolle
Sun 13 Apr14:30FC UtrechtSC Heracles Almelo
Sun 13 Apr14:30RKC WaalwijkPEC Zwolle
Sun 13 Apr16:30PSV EindhovenFeyenoord
Sun 13 Apr16:30PSV EindhovenFeyenoord
Sat 05 Apr20:45HeraclesGo Ahead Eagles
Sat 05 Apr20:45SC Heracles AlmeloGo Ahead Eagles
Sun 06 Apr14:30VitesseAjax
Sun 06 Apr14:30VitesseAjax
Sun 27 Apr14:30FC ZwollePSV Eindhoven
Sun 27 Apr14:30Den HaagAZ Alkmaar
Sun 27 Apr14:30RodaGroningen
Sun 27 Apr14:30FeyenoordCambuur
Sun 27 Apr14:30NAC BredaWaalwijk
Sun 27 Apr14:30NijmegenTwente
Sun 27 Apr14:30HeerenveenUtrecht
Sun 27 Apr14:30NEC NijmegenFC Koln
Sun 27 Apr14:30NAC BredaRKC Waalwijk
Sun 27 Apr14:30NEC NijmegenFC Twente Enschede
Sun 27 Apr14:30PEC ZwollePSV Eindhoven
Sun 27 Apr14:30ADO Den HaagAZ Alkmaar
Sun 27 Apr14:30Roda JCFC Groningen
Sun 27 Apr14:30FeyenoordSC Cambuur
Sun 27 Apr14:30SC HeerenveenFC Utrecht
Sat 03 May18:45GroningenHeracles
Sat 03 May18:45PSV EindhovenNAC Breda
Sat 03 May18:45TwenteFC Zwolle
Sat 03 May18:45AjaxNijmegen
Sat 03 May18:45UtrechtVitesse
Sat 03 May18:45AZ AlkmaarFeyenoord
Sat 03 May18:45WaalwijkHeerenveen
Sat 03 May18:45CambuurDen Haag
Sat 03 May18:45Go Ahead EaglesRoda
Sat 03 May18:45FC KolnPEC Zwolle
Sat 03 May18:45FC Twente EnschedePEC Zwolle
Sat 03 May18:45AjaxNEC Nijmegen
Sat 03 May18:45FC UtrechtVitesse
Sat 03 May18:45AZ AlkmaarFeyenoord
Sat 03 May18:45RKC WaalwijkSC Heerenveen
Sat 03 May18:45SC CambuurADO Den Haag
Sat 03 May18:45Go Ahead EaglesRoda JC
Sat 03 May18:45FC GroningenSC Heracles Almelo
Sat 03 May18:45PSV EindhovenNAC Breda