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France - French Ligue 2

The second highest division of France, Ligue 2. was founded in 1933 as Division 2 and consists of 20 teams, of which one, AS Monaco, is from, you guessed it, Monaco. Since 2002 Division 2 is being renamed to Ligue 2. Together with Ligue 1. Ligue 2. makes up for the Ligue de Football Professionel (LFP). Promotion from the Ligue 2. means playing in the Ligue 1. the following year, yet relegation means playing in the Championnat National, the third division of France that is not part of the LFP. The 20 teams play each other twice per season, thus 38 matches per club, 380 matches in total. Matches are usually played on fridays and mondays and the season runs from August till May the next year.

Three teams are promoted to the Ligue 1. after the season, just being the number 1, 2 and 3 of the regular competition. So play-offs like in most of the European leagues are not played in France. The three lowest placed teams are relegated to the non-professional Championnat National, out of which three teams are promoted to the Ligue 2.

Current champion and promoted to the Ligue 1 is Bastia. Reims and Troyes have also been promoted after the 2011 – 2012 season. Relegated were Metz, Amiens and Boulogne. Cedric Faure, who was playing for Reims became top scorer with 15 goals. In total 872 goals were made, averaging 2.29 per match. For the 2012 – 2013 six teams, three from the Ligue 1. and three from the Championnat National. Auxerre, Dijon and Caen have to play in the Ligue 2. during this season and they will face amongst all other three newcomers from the Championnat National: Nimes, Gazelec Ajaccio and Niort. As of late 2012 famous clubs like former champions Nantes and Monaco are playing in the Ligue 2. Hopefully they will be promoted to the ligue 1. next year.

For now, they are doing quite well, as Monaco is first and Nantes second. However, Guingamp, Caen and Lens are trailing by only a few points. Remarkably, Auxerre is only placed 16th, just above the Niort, Arles-Avignon, Gazelec Ajaccio and Sedan who all have to fear for relegation. Make sure to watch the second half of the season in 2013, as Monaco and Nantes battle it out for the championship and promotion to France's first division, the Ligue 1. Check back this site for the complete schedule and upcoming Ligue 2. live matches!

Ligue 2 2013-2014

French Ligue 2

Standings Ligue 2 2013-2014

1AS Monaco387621134(64-33)
2En Avant Guingamp387020108(63-38)
3FC Nantes386919127(54-29)
5Angers SCO3861171011(52-39)
6Le Havre3859161111(52-47)
7Dijon FCO385915149(52-49)
8Nîmes Olympique385817714(52-42)
10Tours FC3849121313(40-49)
12RC Lens384591811(39-53)
14Clermont Foot384391613(33-47)
15Chamois Niortais FC384281812(39-42)
16Berrichonne Châteauroux384281812(43-47)
18Le Mans384011720(39-62)
20Gazélec FCO Ajaccio382561022(34-54)